Register to join Google Fremont's Block Party event in July.
We’re excited to announce our first annual block party in Fremont to be held in July. This event will include a scavenger hunt for our employees to take place throughout Fremont, and hopefully including your business! Our goal is to showcase local Fremont businesses with our employees through a fun, interactive afternoon from 2pm-6pm.

Our plan is to send Google employees (approx. 250) on tours throughout Fremont in teams of 3-4, during which they must accomplish various tasks and activities at participating businesses. Our intent is to familiarize Google employees with this incredible neighborhood, while also driving economic value to your business through the completion of simple, fun tasks and activities.

The tasks can range from very turnkey solutions to more creative, interactive activities that speak to the uniqueness of your business. We can customize the experience based off your interest level, staffing situation, and typical customer flow during this time period.

How we'll use this data: We'll only data you provide here to plan the event happening in July -- we will not share, publish, or contact you again without your explicit consent.

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