Your BEST Christmas Ever!
Help us share Christ with 1,000 Mormons this Christmas! If you would like to request additional Christmas cards or copies of "God, The Ultimate Humanitarian" to gift to a Mormon missionary, neighbor, friend or family member, please fill out the form below or call 208-505-4599.
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Please send me extra copies of the Christmas Card!
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Please send me a copy (or copies) of "God, The Ultimate Humanitarian", so that I may gift it to a Mormon family member, friend, neighbor or missionary.
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I'm interested in hearing more about your mentoring program and witnessing to Mormon missionaries. Please send me information about Please Open the Door.
Thank you for making the intention to share Christ this Christmas! We can't wait to hear your stories. With your permission, we will be sharing them on our Facebook page so others can pray for you and be encouraged by you.
Send your stories and/or questions to or post them directly to our Facebook page:

Thank you and may God bless your opportunities this Christmas!

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