Gaelcon 2019 Staff Sign-Up
The Con isn't going to run itself!! If any of you nerds would like to lend a helping hand in ensuring Gaelcon 2019 run smoothly, then please fill out this form.

For those of you who don't know, staffing involves a few key aspects. A lot of it will be helping committee run Front Desk and RPG Sign-Ups, as well as being generally helpful to Con Attendees. You'll also find yourself doing a lot of minding the Board Games Desk (or a variety of other desks important to the Con), making tea and coffee for our vendors, and plying the eternally ravenous GM's with enough snacks and soft drinks to keep them running games for us. Other than that its a fun time to hang out with friends at a con and play some games!
You will also get a number of slots off throughout the Con to sign up to and play some RPG's and LARPS yourself, which will be discussed later once you've signed up (and we know what games are running).

If you have any further questions at all regarding staffing, please feel free to message Gaelcon on Facebook and we'll be sure to get back to you.

The contact information you provide will not be used by any means outside of contacting you with regards to volunteering for the Con, nor will it be used by any party excepting the relevant Committee members for this Con.

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