Comstock Public Schools Board Meeting Sign Up for Public Comment
In full compliance with the Open Meetings Act, Comstock's Board of Education will be facilitating public comment to the Board via telephone. Community members will have an opportunity to make comments during the "Calls to the Audience." Anyone wishing to make a public comment must register to participate in the public comment period of the meeting by filling out the form below.

1. Fill out a submit the form below.
2. Before the call to audience you will receive an email with the telephone number and PIN required to join the meeting.
3. You may call in anytime after the meeting starts and listen into the meeting. Your phone will be muted by the meeting moderator.
4. Your name or the last 2 digits of your phone number will be announced during the call to audience and you must dial *6 to un-mute your phone. Please state your name and address then keep your comments to three (3) minutes. You can dial *6 to mute your phone once you are done.

The opportunity to sign up for public comment shall be afforded to community members up until the meeting is called to order.

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