Student Perceptions of an Honor Band Experience

The purpose of this survey is to gather perceptions from students regarding their experience in an honor band setting. The survey is presented in three parts.

The first part of the survey will collect basic demographic information (e.g. Grade, Section - Brass, Percussion, Woodwind, and Gender). No personal data (e.g. names, phone numbers, email or school names) will be required at any point in the survey.

The second part of the survey will include ten statements to which each research participant (student) will rate their agreement.

During the third part of the survey, participants will have the opportunity to provide additional perspective by answering three open-ended questions. These open ended questions are optional for the survey participants.

A total of 10-15 minutes will be required of each participant to complete the survey. Data from this survey will be used in aggregate form, and participants will not be personally identifiable in the written report.

Any questions regarding this survey can be directed to the researcher, Dr. Travis J. Weller at