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TBP has chair positions determined by application/appointment each semester. The current chair positions are:

CAMPUS OUTREACH CHAIR: Campus Outreach Chairs are responsible for assisting the campus outreach officer with some or all of the campus outreach activities and events of the chapter. Currently these include The Breakfast Party, the TBP Tutoring Service, the MLK, Jr. Luncheon Series, and the North Campus Sustainability Hour.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CHAIR: As a chair, you would help to host corporate information sessions, as well as a variety of other workshops that will be beneficial to members. In particular, we would like to do more professional development for people who are interested in research and/or graduate school. We will also be expanding our alumni database and promoting its use by members of the chapter.

GRADUATE STUDENT ACTIVITIES CHAIR: The Graduate Student Activities Chair(s) will work with the graduate student vice president to help plan and execute events for graduate student actives and candidates. Further, the chair(s) will support the graduate student vice president in the execution of his/her duties. The chair(s) will be members of the Events Team but shall collaborate with the Graduate Student Vice President.

APPAREL CHAIR: The Apparel Chair is responsible for the design and acquisition of any MI-G branded apparel that the chapter may desire. This chair serves on the Chapter Team. Previous design experience is desirable but not required.

WEBSITE CHAIR: The Website Chair(s) serve on the Website committee to maintain and improve MI-G's chapter website. Prior web experience is strongly recommended.

BANQUET ARRANGEMENTS CHAIR: The Banquet Arrangements Chair(s) will work with the activities officer, the service coordinator, and the executive team to plan and execute the chapter's semesterly end of term banquet. He/She serves on the Events Team.

MERIT BADGE DAY CHAIR: The Merit Badge Day Chair(s) will work with the K-12 Officers and Service Coordinator to plan and execute merit badge day events for boy scouts. The chair(s) will be members of the Events Team.

MINDSET CHAIR: The MindSET Chair(s) will work with the K-12 Officers and Service Coordinator to plan and execute MindSET events. The chair(s) will be members of the Events Team.

MENTORSHIP CHAIR The Mentorship Chair(s) will be responsible for developing and maintaining the chapter’s candidate mentorship initiatives. The chair(s) will work with the Vice Presidents to maintain and administer the chapter’s mentorship program. The chair(s) will serve on the Chapter Team.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, & INCLUSION: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator(s) will assist the executive team and advisory board in developing, refining, and implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion related policies, programs, and activities within the chapter and in the broader community. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator(s) will chair the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordination Committee and will be a member of the chapter team.

HONORS BRUNCH (winter only): The Honors Brunch Chair(s) will assist the External Vice Presidents in planning honors brunch and arranging interviews of candidates for student leaders and honors awards. The chair(s) will be members of the Executive team.

In addition, further chairs may be defined and appointed at any time.

W21 applications will close January 22nd at 11:59 PM EDT.
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