Letter of Confidence and Supporters
This brief letter was collectively written by a number of colleagues in the Language Arts department at my school. Our goal is to collect signatures in an effort to submit them along with this letter as part of my application package for Superintendent of Hillsborough County Schools. If you are a former student, parent, or fellow HCPS employee who believes I should at least receive an interview at the minimum, please sign your name below.

Thank you in advance for your support! - Ryan Haczynski (a.k.a. "H")

The instructional staff, ESP, students, families, and stakeholders of Hillsborough County Public Schools, with a high level of confidence, recommend Ryan Haczynski for an interview for the position of Superintendent. We believe Mr. Haczynski is well-known to the School Board.
Mr. Haczynski is an award-winning teacher who has taught students in almost every content area, trained his colleagues and mentored new teachers, as well as been a staunch advocate for public education. He served on the Hillsborough Classroom Teacher Association’s Executive Board and as a senior building representative. We are aware Mr. Haczynski does not fit the conventional applicant profile for this position; however, he represents the voice of this district’s workforce, students, and families. What he offers is something no other traditional applicant can bring to the table:  real-time, relevant, on the ground viewpoint and experiences concerning every facet of education from people, to finances, to human resources. He embodies the heart and purpose of school: teaching and learning, two essential key understandings that are necessary for leadership in education.

Please review the level of support behind Mr. Haczynski and bring him to the table for an interview.


Instructional staff, ESP, students, families, and stakeholders of Hillsborough County Public Schools
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