Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Read each statement through twice. Answer what first comes to mind in reaction to each statement (don’t “over think” responses). Not every statement fits comfortably with the scoring range; this is by design to generate greater differentiation. All statements reflect specific reference to the New Testament and the understanding of spiritual gifts in the early church of the first three centuries following the resurrection of Jesus Christ, translated to our modern day context.

Answer range:

Almost Never
Almost Always
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I am able to help people make choices and clarify decisions. *
I am aware of things without having to be told by anyone. *
I easily delegate authority and responsibility to others. *
I enjoy sharing my faith with the homeless and impoverished to offer hope. *
I enjoy teaching the Bible to a small group. *
I believe that God will help anyone in need. *
Through prayer, I see God’s miraculous work in my life. *
I do not mind being made fun of for what I believe. *
I am able to organize human and material resources to serve the needs of others. *
I enjoy giving money to support the work of God. *
I like to work with people who are considered by others to be outcasts in their communities. *
Praying for the sick is a critical part of their healing. *
I can tell when Christian speakers or groups are being honest and faithful. *
I listen to others as carefully as I want them to listen to me. *
I would rather be a secretary in a group than the leader or chairperson. *
Whenever I share my faith, I ask others to share theirs as well. *
I help anyone in need, regardless of whether they deserve or appreciate the help. *
I am ready to counsel people who have spiritual, emotional, or physical problems. *
I can speak a foreign language fluently. *
I can follow the conversation of a foreign language I never studied. *
I am good at seeing many different sides to an issue and helping others see them as well. *
Things I understand by faith are confirmed by facts, experiences, or information. *
When I make a decision, I stand firmly behind it. *
I enjoy being part of ministries that didn’t exist before. *
I am an effective mentor to other Christians. *
I see God at work in both good times and bad. *
I am aware of God’s miracles every day. *
Others tell me I am a good public speaker. *
Working with others to minister to the physical needs of people is more enjoyable than doing the same thing by myself. *
I have enough money to give generously to important causes. *
I like to visit people wherever they are – at home, in the hospital, in prison, or in nursing homes. *
I believe that the healing power of God manifests itself in many different ways, not just in physical healing. *
I am able to identify the flaw in an argument, idea, or presentation. *
I learn best when I can discuss what I read in Scripture and share insights and ideas with others. *
I am good at attending to the ‘busy work’ that others tend not to enjoy. *
An invitation to Christian discipleship should be extended to people whenever they gather to worship or study. *
I give practical, material assistance to those who are in need. *
I will work hard to support any group that is fully committed to a good cause. *
Foreign languages are easy for me to learn. *
I intuitively understand the meanings of most foreign words and phrases. *
Others are surprised by the depth of my understanding and the integrity of my advice. *
I am good at sensing other people’s moods and concerns just by being with them. *
I am effective at organizing projects for ministry. *
I desire the opportunity to be a missionary. *
I feel a strong responsibility to point out dangerous or erroneous teachings to others. *
I pray for people who have lost their faith. *
I believe that God works miracles through the faith of Christian believers. *
I find practical applications to real world situations when I read the Bible. *
I find it easy to ask for help from others for worthy projects. *
I feel a strong desire to give money to Christian ministries. *
I want to help as many people as I can, regardless of the reason for their need. *
I pray for healing for the sick and afflicted. *
I know when a preacher or speaker is accurately presenting the gospel or spiritual teaching. *
It troubles me when people are misled or persuaded by inaccurate, biased, or false messages about the Christian faith. *
I give whatever time and energy is needed to finish a project or meet a deadline. *
I feel comfortable sharing the importance of Christian belief with non-Christians. *
I prefer working in the background rather than in the spotlight. *
I am patient and tolerant of others who are less mature in their spiritual development. *
I communicate easily with members of other races, cultures, or generations. *
I understand and easily accept the values, behaviors, and interests of generations other than my own. *
When others seek out my counsel or advice, I am confident that what I say will be helpful and valuable. *
People are surprised by how well I understand them. *
I offer good leadership to a project or group. *
It is easy for me to share my faith with people from other cultures and foreign lands. *
I strive to create harmony and unity whenever I am part of a group. *
I trust in the promises of God, even when they are improbable or unlikely. *
I feel the power and presence of God’s Holy Spirit when I pray. *
My faith gives me the courage to speak out, even to those in positions of authority. *
I design and plan strategies for ministry both in and beyond the church. *
I know whether or not an appeal for money is legitimate. *
My compassion for others often takes precedence over my own personal needs. *