Victim-Witness Assistance Program Survey
Directions: Please help us to improve our program by answering the following ten questions. We want to know whether you were able to provide your input throughout the criminal justice process and how we can continue to provide better services.
Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit
Participation in the Criminal Justice System
1. I now have a better understanding of my role in the court process: *
2. Being able to provide input in the court process made me feel included: *
3. I now have a better understanding of my rights as a victim of crime: *
Service Quality
4. I was notified of the important information about my case: *
5. I had an opportunity to provide input before decisions were made on my case: *
6. I was provided with assistance and/or information on completing a victims compensation application (if applicable):
7. I was provided information and/or assistance in obtaining restitution from the offender for the financial losses I suffered because of crime (if applicable):
8. I was provided with appropriate referrals based on my needs: *
9. The agency took my culture, religion, and orientation into consideration when providing me services: *
10. I felt supported by the victim advocate:
Other Comments/Suggestions
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Name of Advocate
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Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our services.
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