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757Pitch showcases scalable and/or innovation-driven startups in Hampton Roads. Qualified applicants should be able to demonstrate a plan to achieve scale (e.g., selling their product/service to national or international markets).
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If you haven't formed a legal entity yet, what name do you have in mind? In other words, what is the name of the thing you're pitching?
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(Who or what solutions already exist that are addressing the problem, and how is it already being addressed? This can include direct or indirect competition as well as substitutes.)
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How do you plan to build a company around your proposed solution and scale it to national and/or international markets? *
757Pitch showcases scalable and/or innovation-driven startups in Hampton Roads. Tell us how you plan to scale-up, assuming customers will want to buy what you're selling.
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Watch this YouTube video for help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVfQnaIAKNc
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