Georgia Tenn Camp 2017 | Adult Registration
Use this form to register all adult leaders and workers (ages 18+) for the Georgia Teen Camp. Camp will be held at the District Campgrounds at Camp Adrian and will be July 3-7.

Please note that a traditional paper registration form is available at

Registration Costs and Deposit
Deposit: $50 (Non-refundable, but transferable) due June 5th
Total Cost: $190

Please make sure that the deposit and full payment checks are given directly to your church (see below).

New Registration Policy
This year we are adopting a new registration policy for the Georgia Teen Camp. Please register as follows:

1. Complete the online registration form, including the online waiver with an electronic signature
2. Give the Deposit money to the church you are attending with, made out to that church.
3. By each registration deadline (Sept. 30, Oct. 31, Nov. 18) the church must send ONE check from the church made out to "GA NYI" to secure the registration price.

Local NYI Presidents are responsible for collecting money, forms, National background checks, and turning in one check for the total number of attendees per due date.

PLEASE NOTE: your registration is not finalized until your church has mailed in a check for the deposit for the participants. Registration costs are based on the POST MARKED date of the check sent from your church.

All late fees are FINAL.

The Rules
- NO weapons, drugs, vaping, alcohol, fireworks, or gaming systems
- Be respectful of other people and property
- Modest clothing at all times
- No one is allowed out of their cabin after curfew
Adult Leader Expectations
• Must be 21 years old to be an adult leader (18-20 may come as a work crew member with approval of the event director and the GA NYI President). Please contact us BEFORE completing this form (
• Must provide a National Background check (no older than 7/3/15)
• Will be expected to chaperone students during activities and will be contacted for specific help
• Can certify that no civil, criminal, or church related complaint has ever been sustained or pending against you for sexual misconduct and have never been terminated from a position related to sexual misconduct.
• Please do not bring children to camp who are not of age (contact the event Director if this creates an emergency)
I have read and understand the new registration policy for the Georgia Teen Camp *
Need Help?
If you need any help registering, or have any questions about the process, please contact our team at, and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.
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