Utah Soaring Association Membership Application Form
Thanks for your interest in joining the Utah Soaring Association. Below is some information regarding membership categories, costs, and training options. After reading through this section provide the information requested in the form and we will get the membership process started.


- ACTIVE (FULL) MEMBER: Suited for primary students (not holding other pilot ratings) or transition students (adding-on to a power private pilot rating), or individuals who already hold a glider rating, but do not own their own glider; able to schedule and utilized club gliders and equipment (as available) without paying an hourly fee (cost is $750 per year, payable in up to 4 installments; $50 discount for full payment at start of season; dues may be prorated when joining after July 1st)
- ASSOCIATE MEMBER: For individuals who already have a glider rating and own their own glider (or at least a 1/3 share in a glider) which is airworthy and insured to fly; 10 hours of flight time in club gliders included in the annual charge, per hour charge beyond 10 hours (cost is $250 per year, due in full at time of application)

For both categories of members there is also a one-time $500 initiation fee, due along with the first installment of dues.

- FAMILY MEMBER: A member's spouse or child can receive family membership which is identical to the ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP with the same costs and privileges, except that no initiation fee is required.
- AFFILIATE MEMBER: No flying privileges, but allows for tows with tow planes billed through the club, and also allows individuals to help further the sport and Association ($50 per year)

For ACTIVE, ASSOCIATE and FAMILY members, the annual dues include $100 which can be credited toward the following year's dues if the club volunteer service requirement is met (currently 8 hours). Volunteer activities can include help with assembling or disassembling gliders, cleaning and waxing gliders, transporting gliders, or other maintenance activities.

Members are also required to have membership in the Soaring Society of America (for insurance purposes, and because it is a great information resource). That is $72 per year ($42 for youth).


The flying season typically runs from the start of April through the end of October. There may be glider availability over the winter months, but this is not guaranteed (and there may be additional charges during this period). Dues paid run through March 15th of the following year, regardless of when the member joins (for Active members, dues may be prorated when starting later in the season).


If you are joining as a new student (including adding on to a power rating) then the first step will typically be an introductory lesson. This can be done before fully committing to membership and paying the initiation fees and dues. We use the Soaring Society of America's FAST program (http://www.ssa.org/FAST) which includes a short-term membership in the SSA, a log book, and an approximately 30 minute instructional flight and additional ground instruction. After this flight you can decide whether to finalize the application or not by completing the payment.

Starting training is subject to availability of instructors and the waiting list (if any) of other students. Once you have made your payment and started there are no refunds for the club initiation fees. Most students finish their training successfully and happily, but we cannot provide any guarantees. Instructors do not work for the Association, and will bill you separately for their instruction costs. The Association will help you find an instructor, but the responsibility will be yours to work within their availability and schedule (and glider availability) to find times to train. Primary training locations are currently Logan, Morgan, and Nephi airports. In addition, add-on training may be available in Heber, depending on instructor availability.


If you already have a glider rating you will need to do a checkout with a club instructor (typically with a fee charged by the instructor). These are specific to airport locations and glider types (Grob 103 Twin II or Twin Astir). Depending on the instructor assessment, additional instruction flights may be necessary. Pilots who do not have experience flying fiberglass sailplanes will need additional training before being checked out.

Whatever your background and experience, we look forward to having you as a member of the club and helping you to enjoy the sport of soaring.

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