Classroom Reporting for GEEO Education program
Please fill out this form once you have completed the GEEO education program in your classroom/s. This means presenting the GEEO Google Earth presentation we sent you to one or more of your classes. It also means following your classroom action plan that you sent to GEEO before your trip. If you have made changes to your action plan since the trip, please report what you did instead.
Where did you travel with GEEO this past year? *
What is your first and last name? *
What is your email address?
Did you present the GEEO Google Earth presentation to your students? *
If so, how did your students react to the presentation? If not, why didn't you give this presentation and do you plan on presenting it in the future? *
Do you have any suggested changes for next year's presentations? *
Were you able to enact your classroom action plan? Please describe the classroom activities that took place. *
How did the students react? If you did not run a GEEO related classroom activity, why was this the case? *
Do you feel the education program has made it more likely that your students will travel abroad or study abroad? Do you feel it made an impact on them? *
Roughly how many students were you able to reach? *
What subject do you teach? *
What grades do you teach? *
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