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Welcome to the registration form for the NABS At Large Seminar: “Speaking Up and Branching Out”, taking place January 9 - 10 2021.This virtual program, designed to empower blind students to sharpen their public speaking skills, hopes to equip attendees with techniques and the self-confidence to advocate effectively in academic and everyday life. With guest speakers, philosophical discussions, and interactive activities, your participation in this event is both a resource for professional development and interpersonal networking.
The deadline for completion of this form and payment of the $25 registration fee is Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 11:59pm EDT. Please direct all registration questions to Kinshuk Tella at and see the confirmation message after submitting this form for methods of payment.

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As part of the seminar, we plan to offer an opportunity for mentorship. In an effort to ensure that mentors are represent the diversity within NABS, please share any characteristics you would value in your mentor.
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