Technovation Survey
Please fill in this survey and help us gather data for our App development competition. All answers are anonymous.

Thank You! Team ~e*MOTION~

Are you a student?
Do you think about your mental health?
Have you used a mental health app before?
Do you have any mental health concerns?
If there were an app that tracks your mental health, provides reminders and offers solutions to lessen your concerns, would you use it?
If the app costs money, how much are you willing to pay?
If you had a choice, which way would you prefer to track your emotions?
Would the ability to choose from a variety of themed emojis be a feature you would be interested in?
Would you be more motivated to use the app if it kept streaks or awarded prizes?
Do you think a mental health app could help you make a positive change in your life?
Are there any specific issues you feel you face as a student?
Your answer
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