Mobilizing the space industry to support the global Covid-19 pandemic response
No part of the world has been left untouched by the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. As countries all over the globe come to grips with the on-going health crisis, there is continuing need for direct support to be provided to healthcare institutions and workers who are fighting the battle on the frontline every single day.

The global space industrial base has an important role to play in assisting healthcare organizations around the world. As part of satsearch's effort to assist in the global pandemic response, we are working with space organizations to help figure out ways that the industry can deploy its substantial capabilities, expertise, and resources to help address direct and pressing needs.

This brief survey is targeted at space organizations that want to participate in our effort to build a global, public directory that can be tapped into by governments and healthcare organizations. Please note that information submitted through this survey will be made public on the satsearch website through a new, online resource, to help governments, healthcare organizations, and other space industry stakeholders better understand what you can offer and how to contact you. If at any time you would like your information to be modified or removed, contact us at Your participation is highly appreciated; thank you in advance!

Finally, we understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. If the satsearch team can help you in any way beyond our on-going activities, please reach out to us at

Stay safe & healthy!
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