Two $100 Amazon Gift Cards Drawing
STUDENTS, TEACHERS, FACULTY, and PARENTS are welcome to enter. TWO winners will be drawn and announced at the end of September!!! Amazon gift cards will come in the FORM of a $100 promotional code emailed to the winner.

All required questions will, in total, count as 1 ticket. Optional questions will boost your chances by the number of questions answered* (e.g. +3 Optional Questions = +3 Tickets).

INFORMATION IS NOT SPAM. Choose what info you would like in the ONE email we send you. We operate at a high standard and will not solicit your information under our confidentiality clause.


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I am above the age of 14.
Premier Members Credit Union supports YOUR school with the LOAN INTEREST FOR EDUCATION (LIFE™) Program. The LIFE program is helping school parent/teacher organizations (i.e. PTA/PTO) and the Parent Engagement Network (PEN™) with funding they need to provide educational programs. I would like information on how to refinance my loans and how the loan interest paid would benefit my school (e.g. 10 Mortgages = $3000 or 50 Auto Loans = $3,800 for selected school). Check all that apply (If all 8 options are checked, you will have THREE drawing tickets for this question. Else, this will equal ONE ticket)
Credit unions are able to offer better rates and lower fees than any bank. This is because all credit union profits are passed directly back to their members. What that means for members is higher rates on savings and certificates and much lower rates on loans! I would like to receive information on new accounts from Premier Members Credit Union.
It's a fact that learning and establishing credit score history early in life can pay huge dividends for the future. I would like to receive information on the Visa Credit Cards from Premier Members Credit Union.
Unlike your everyday money market account, our new reverse tiered money market account gives the highest rate on the lowest tiers and blends your rate as your balance gets distributed down each different earning tier. I would like to receive information on 3% APY Money Market Accounts from Premier Members Credit Union.
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit offers convenience, competitive rates, and flexible terms. Plus, you'll have the reassurance that the funds to clear your checks are in your account when you need them. I would like information on overdraft protection offered by Premier Members Credit Union.
Use the balance in your Share (savings) or Term Share Certificate Account as collateral for a loan. This type of loan allows you to borrow needed funds while still earning dividends on your Premier Members CU investment. As the loan balance declines, the share secured funds become available. I would like information on share or term share certificates offered by Premier Members Credit Union.
Knight Student Credit Union is a branch of the Premier Members Credit Union
Fairview Financial Literacy Club is Sponsored by Premier Members Credit Union
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