K - 2nd Bible Evaluation
This test is based on the Bible Curriculum being taught at Calvary Christian Academy. This is not a test but an assessment of what our students are learning at each grade level in Bible Class.
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1. Who created the heavens and the earth? *
2. Who came to earth as a baby and later died on the cross for our sins? *
3. Who will be able to live in Heaven? *
4. Did Jesus' body stay in the tomb? *
5. Who tempted Eve to sin in the Garden of Eden? *
6. How did Jesus die? *
7. What beautiful home did God give Adam and Eve? *
8. How did God create the world? *
9. What did Cain do because he hated his brother? *
10. At the end of his life, what happened to Enoch? *
11. What did God tell Noah to build? *
12. What did God send to promise that He would never flood the earth again? *
13. What unusual promise did God make to Abram and Sarah in their old age? *
14. What did God ask Abraham to do with his son Isaac? *
15. What did Abraham's servant Eliezer do to find a bride for Isaac? *
16. What did Pharoah command his people to do to all the Hebrew baby boys? *
17. Who found Moses hidden in the bulrushes? *
18. Who was talking to Moses from the burning bush? *
19. How many plagues were there? *
20. What did God use to guide the people during the day and night through the wilderness? *
21. What did God feed the people in the wilderness? *
22. What did Aaron and the people make when Moses was on the mountain the first time? *
23. The first four commandments refer to whom? *
24. Which spies had a good report for Moses? *
25. How did Moses disobey God? *
26. What did the donkey do to Balaam after he hit him the third time? *
27. Who took over as leader of the Israelites after Moses? *
28. Where did Rahab hide the spies? *
29. What did Rahab hang out the window so the spies could save her? *
30. How many days did the Israelites march around Jericho? *
31. How many men did Gideon have to go into battle with the Midianites? *
32. What was Samson's secret that Delilah wanted to know? *
33. What did Ruth do in the field? *
34. Who ended up being Ruth's kinsman redeemer? *
35. Who appeared to Mary to tell her about baby Jesus? *
36. Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem? *
37. Where did the shepherds find Jesus? *
38. What led the wisemen to the house where Jesus was? *
39. Where did the angel tell Joseph to take Mary and the baby? *
40. On Palm Sunday what did Jesus ride on as he entered the city of Jerusalem? *
41. At the last supper what did Jesus do for His disciples? *
42. What were the disciples doing while Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane? *
43. Who denied knowing Jesus three times? *
44. What did the women find when they went to Jesus' tomb? *
45. How did God write the Bible? *
46. Who sins? *
47. What punishment has God made for sin? *
48. Who took our punishment for sin? *
49. What is the one thing that everyone must do so he can go to heaven when he dies? *
50. Who made God? *
51. God is made up of how many persons? *
52. What was Satan's name when he was one of God's angels? *
53. Who baptized Jesus? *
54. At the wedding that Jesus and his mother attended, what miracle did Jesus do? *
55. Jesus healed the ten lepers. How many returned to thank him? *
56. What was Jesus doing in the boat with his disciples when the storm came? *
57. How did four friends help their friend get to Jesus so he could be healed? *
58. Why was Jesus crucified on the cross? *
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