Recordex Deal Registration
DEMONSTRATION REQUIREMENTS (for full requirements see “Recordex USA Deal Registration Program.pdf”)
1) The opportunity is not already registered with another Reseller.
2) Deal must be registered at least 7 days prior to purchase.
3) The opportunity meets the minimum deal size requirements (at least 10 units and minimum of $5,000.00). Deals are valued at net deal registration prices not including installation, delivery, or training. Only Recordex branded products qualify toward meeting the minimum deal size requirement.
4) The Reseller prior to registering the deal must have engaged in qualified pre-sales activities (at the appropriate level commensurate with the scope of the deal being registered) such as meeting with key decision-makers, demonstrating Recordex products, qualifying the opportunity, helping end-user understand how Recordex product best matches their project requirements. Such pre-sales efforts must be documented (i.e. names of key decision-makers, and the date and time of meetings) and included with the deal registration application. Such justification for qualifying to register the opportunity will be considered heavily by Recordex in the evaluation and approval process.
5) The reseller must submit a signed Deal Registration Form (this online form qualifies).
6) Recordex may call customer to verify pre-sales activities.

1) The first qualified Reseller to submit an approved application meeting all program requirements will be awarded the registration discount for that opportunity.
2) Receipt of the registration form does not imply acceptance nor approval by Recordex.
3) Recordex reserves the right to disqualify a reseller due to credit issues, a history of poor quality support and service, or any other action that may result in the loss of the resellers status as an Authorized Recordex Reseller.

1) The effective period of the registration shall be 45 days with the possibility of 45 day extensions.
2) There is special consideration for registered opportunities which proceed to a formal bid, contract or other similar purchasing instrument. In such cases the Reseller must have bid or quoted Recordex product during the 45 day registration term. If the Reseller is then awarded the business the registration discounts will apply for the term of the bid, contract or other such purchasing instrument for up to one year.

If you have any questions, contact our office at email at

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the CIO or equivalent and they must have purchasing and/or standardization
authority for the entire district. For multiple schools to be registered under the
district registration, each school must be listed by name in the Deal Description
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