Relocate Global's mobility strategy, policy and implementation survey: preparing for Brexit
With Article 50 due to be signed in the spring of 2017, beginning the two year countdown to the UK’s exit from the EU, preparing for Brexit is a critical issue for HR, global mobility professionals and relocation service providers and specialists who work with organisations to ensure all aspects of mobility are managed efficiently and effectively.

To ensure you have the most relevant information to support you in addressing these critical business objectives, this brief two-part survey will help us to respond to your Brexit priorities and provide a toolkit of information to support you in your job. Please help us to help you by completing this short survey, which should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

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Part A: Preparing for Brexit
1. What do you see as the key issues for mobility prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU?
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2. Which mobility topics would you find most valuable in planning for Brexit and/or implementing a Brexit strategy?
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3. In the longer term, what do you see as the key mobility issues post-Brexit?
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Part B: Toolkit content
The Relocate Global Mobility Toolkit is a new, free resource designed to support HR and HR Global Mobility specialists in the work they do managing domestic relocation, international assignments and short term business visitors. The first Factsheets will be available in early November. Other resources available on our website will include webinars, whitepapers and specialist publications.

To ensure we cover the topics you need and your priorities, please rate the importance of the following topic areas on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 = least important and 5 = of greatest importance.

Relocation policy design and review:
Long-term assignment policy content
Short-term/ commuter assignment policy content
Policy content trends
International reward strategy (home/ host-based pay)
Policy design process/ comms.
Talent/career management:
Resourcing and selection of talent
Leadership and management development mobility strategies
Career pathing and talent planning
Graduate development programmes
Managing generational differences in careers
Networks/ mentors/ role models in careers
Workforce diversity:
The business case/ business principles
Raising the profile of assignment diversity
Non-traditional assignments
Gender diversity
Managing across cultures:
Organisational culture
National/ country cultural differences
Training (language/ culture)
Improving performance/ return on investment
Managing repatriation
Managing group moves:
Planning and comms.
Employee relations/ engagement
Policy content
International group moves
Domestic group moves
International business visitors and business travel
Assignment types (long-term; short-term; commuter, etc.)
Tracking/ technology
Dual careers (spouse/ partner) immigration
LGBT issues
Country profiles
Please state countries of main interest
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Tax and social security
International business visitors and business travel
Assignment types (long-term; short-term; commuter, etc.)
Tracking/ technology
Tax planning and cost control
Country profiles/treaty changes
Please state countries of main interest
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Pensions options, principles, administration
Employee comm.
Country issues
Please state countries of main interest
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Technology in mobility management
Assignment cost projections/ return on investment
International business visitors and business travel tracking
Security management
Key tools/new products
Property management/ letting
Property sales
Home search
Serviced apartments
Vendor selection/ management
Security/risk management
Health care/ medical
Disaster planning/ emergency evacuation
Security briefing/ training
Managing employee/ family stress
Family/employee support
International schools
Higher education
Dual careers/ spousal support
Health/well-being/ work-life balance
Language training
Cultural awareness training
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