Setting the New Norm: Empowering Women in the Art House
Monday, December 11, 2018 | 7:00pm | Big Roxie

Over the past few months, the film exhibition community has been rocked by stories of sexual harassment and unresponsiveness to inappropriate behavior. In light of these events, the Roxie Theater is proud to host a safe space for conversation with leading female Bay Area film professionals to discuss this topic.

By asking questions like, “how do we fight “bro” culture in cinema spaces?” and “how as female programmers do we balance a desire to show great cinema while not supporting filmmakers with a history of questionable behavior against women?”, we will share the challenges that we face and highlight ideas on how we can lead the charge in empowering women in the field.

Moderated by Gina Basso (SFMoMA) with panelists Soumyaa Behrens (Bay Area Women in Film), Sherilyn Connelly (SF Weekly), Liz Duran (Alamo Drafthouse), Zoe Elton (California Film Institute), Elizabeth O’Malley (Roxie Theater) and Amanda Salazar (SFFILM).

Full event details can be found here (
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