Desert Challenge 2019 Scholarship Event Form
The Donna M Medrano Memorial Team Match

This competition is a new kind of team match. Each school wishing to participate will enter four(4) couples, one couple for each style of dance. I.E. - one couple for American Smooth, one couple for American Rhythm, one couple for International Standard and one couple for International Latin. These must be four(4) separate couples. Costumes are encouraged

Each couple will compete one dance within that particular style. However, the specific dance will not be chosen until prior to the competition and will be chosen by draw. Each dance will be judged independently. The scores will then be combined and the team with the highest total score will be judged the winner.

The winning school will be awarded the Donna M Medrano Perpetual Trophy to take home with them and display at their school for the rest of the year. The following year, they will return the trophy to the organizer one month prior to Desert Challenge. At that time a plate with the school’s name and the year that they won will be placed on the trophy.

This is also a scholarship event. This year the winning team will be awarded a $200 scholarship. It is the desire of the organizers that this event embody all that Donna Medrano represented:
Teacher, coach, mentor and friend both on and off the dance floor. The grace and beauty that she radiated in all that she did.

Her desire that ballroom dancing should be enjoyed by all, both dancers and observers. And her desire that competition should be friendly and fun!

With this in mind, we hope that you will choose to participate in the annual event worth waiting for!

Event Fee: $20.00 per team
Make check or money order payable to Desert Challenge and send to:

Desert Challenge 2019
6524 Roy Rogers Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89108

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