Economic Security Project - Managing Director
The Managing Director of the Economic Security Project will work with the co-chairs and project members to develop and operationalize the exploration of how a basic income -- or more broadly, recurring cash stipends -- might work in the US. This position is primarily operational with occasional opportunities for strategic work. We are looking for someone who is ready to roll up their sleeves and block and tackle to accomplish short-term objectives.

A day in the life of the role might include:

*Interviewing several candidates for a panel at an upcoming gathering of basic income leaders
*A strategic conversation about how to announce a new collaborative investment
*Evaluating a grant application for a carbon fee and dividend campaign (or many other basic income "bridge" policies!)
*Reviewing and refining an event flow for a major festival from a logistics planner that you have selected and hired
*A follow-up call with a think tank on a previous grant made and developing a recommendation for or against renewal
*Ensuring the donation processor on a website is working properly and not broken

We imagine that the right candidate for this role has about five years of experience in the non-profit, political, or start-up worlds. This position is for someone who is a self-starter -- the kind of person who loves to develop to do lists and doesn't mind hounding colleagues to get the job done. The right person for this role hates leaving a meeting without a clear list of "action items," some of which the person in this role will be responsible for managing. And most importantly, the right person has a strong interest in thinking through what a basic income might look like and what a roadmap might be to get one in place!

This position is a two-year position and is designed to end at the end of the project on August 31, 2018.

About the Economic Security Project:

The Economic Security Project is a two-year initiative to explore how recurring cash stipends might provide economic security for all Americans. We believe that people need financial independence to live and work, and that cash is an underutilized tool to achieve it. We convene technologists, academics, organizers, and artists to think creatively about how a basic income might work in the US and what a political roadmap might be to implement it. Our $10 million fund invests in non-profits and individuals to explore and experiment with cash-related work.

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