2018-19 Oro Yearbook Staff Application
Individuals applying to be members of the yearbook staff must be responsible, personable, and enjoy working with people. Staff members should be prepared to dedicate time and extra effort to produce one of the best junior-high yearbooks in the United States. Students should be aware that after-school, night, and weekend work WILL be required.
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1. What is your full name? *
First and last, please
2. What grade will you be in in 2018-19? *
2a. If you are a seventh grader, what elementary school did you attend last year? *
First and last, please
3. What kind of camera (if any) do you have? *
We do not use cell phone photos in our book
4. In order to make an award-winning book, expectations for staff members are high and quality work is required. Please explain how you will demonstrate that. *
5. What do you think being on the yearbook will teach you? How will the experience help you grow as a student and a person? *
6. At least TWO DAYS PER WEEK week, staff members are asked to volunteer to cover events after school and in the evening. How will you respond when asked to attend these events? *
7. Yearbook requires a lot of interaction with staff members and other students you don’t know. Describe your ability to get out of your comfort zone and talk to those people. *
8. List your planned extracurricular activities for next year (sports, music, etc.) *
While getting involved is encouraged, the Oro is especially interested in students who will be committed to yearbook.
9. After covering an event, staff members obviously need to get home. Is there anything Mr. Davis needs to know about your ability (or inability) to get a ride home after school or at night? *
10. Is there anything Mr. Davis should know about why you'd make a good yearbook staff member?
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