Music Survey - St. John Vianney
Msgr. Tim has assembled a group to review and envision music for parish worship. We would love your feedback by filling out this survey.
1) Please select your age range.
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2) Which Mass(es) do you usually attend at St. John Vianney? Please check all that apply.
3) In general, do you enjoy the music we play?
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4) Do you select a particular Mass to attend based on the kind of music that is played at that Mass?
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5) Does the music at the Mass you attend enhance your spiritual life? Does it help you to pray?
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6) Please indicate the level of importance to each of these statements, using the scale below
5= Very Important
4= Important
3= Somewhat Important
2= Hardly Important
1= Not Important
Having the lyrics of the music connect with the Scripture is beneficial for my prayer life and Christian growth.
Having a choir at Mass brings enrichment to the liturgy and encourages my participation.
I would like to hear the organ/piano played more often at Mass.
I would like to hear other instruments incorporated more often at Mass (e.g. woodwinds, brass, guitar, strings, percussion, handbells, etc.)
I would like to see assembly participation encouraged often at Mass.
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7) Taking a moment to consider the future of music ministry at St. John Vianney, please indicate the importance to you of each of the following attributes.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Hardly Important
Not Important
Professional-quality organ/piano music in the Masses
Professional-quality choral music in the Masses
Professional-quality instrumental music in the Masses
More parish choirs or ensemble (including adults, children, and youth/young adult in English, Spanish and other languages)
Music in the Mass that is grounded in the Catholic liturgy/tradition
Music in the Mass that emphasize familiar songs/hymns/music
Music in the Mass that embraces a wide variety of musical styles and instrumentation
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8) Please indicate how important these musical styles enhance your worship, using the scale below.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Hardly Important
Not Important
Chant (e.g. Gregorian, Latin)
Classical (e.g. Bach, Mozart, Handel)
Traditional Hymns (e.g. "Amazing Grace", "Holy God We Praise Thy Name")
Liturgical (e.g. Bob Hurd, Marty Haugen, Jaime Cortez)
Spirituals (e.g. "He's Got The Whole World in His Hands", "Every Time I Feel the Spirit" "I Want To Say Thank You", "I Smile")
Contemporary/Praise & Worship (e.g. Christ Tomlin, Hillsong United, Matt Maher)
Multicultural and Multilingual (e.g. "Resucitó", "Oyenos Señor", "Hesus Na Aking Kapatid")
Gospel (e.g. "To God Be The Glory", "It Is Well With My Soul", "I Want To Say Thank You", "I Smile"
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9) Do you believe there should be a change to the music presented at the Mass you attend, e.g. more prayerful silence? If so, what changes would you hope to see and why?
10) Have you heard music at other parishes that you would like to hear at St. John Vianney? If so, please provide the name of the parish and the song name below.
11) Would you be interested in joining St. John Vianney's Music Ministry by way of singing or playing an instrument? If so, please state your name, contact information, and instruments/choral.
Please add any additional information or comments below.
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