Operation SEAPonyCon Vendor Interest
This form is for registering your interest in getting a table at Operation SEAPonyCon for vending purposes. Please leave your email below so we can contact you when vendor registrations open.
Email address *
We would like to apologise for the delay in opening vendor registrations for Operation SEAPonyCon. This form is to register your interest in vending at the convention so that we may contact you immediately as soon as the registration begins.
How should we address you? *
This is for courtesy. Feel free to use your fandom name, so long as you are not impersonating someone else.
The tentative rate for a vendor table at the convention is 3,000 PHP for a sizeable table, which includes one (1) vendor pass.
Based on this, we would you to answer the following questions as honestly as you can.
How likely are you to book a vendor table at Operation SEAPonyCon? *
Not likely/I am merely inquiring to know more.
Are you following us on social media, especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? *
You are advised to follow us on these networks to be the first to know the latest about the convention.
If you are in our Discord server, please place your handle below. We may use this to tag you in a special role so you get notifications about vendor hall updates.
If you have not already joined, you may do so at http://discord.SEAPonyCon.com
Is there anything else you would like to make known to us?
Please make it short and succinct so we can go through everything in a timely fashion.
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