Placemaking as a Tool for Urban Regeneration
The PlaceCity Symposium aims to discuss the potential of placemaking as a tool for urban regeneration: To what extent does it contribute towards a more caring and resilient urban future?

The online symposium spans two days, June 30th from 14 - 16 CET and July 1st from 14 -16 CET. We will first reflect on different responses given by cities among the world facing COVID-19. We will continue exploring the possibilities and limitations we need to address through the experiences of different cities, to achieve a shift stand on collaboration and placemaking. Local placemaking projects – including PlaceCIty Vienna and Oslo – will be showcased and contextualized with international placemakers, planners, civil servants, city administration, among others.

On July 2nd from 14:00 to 15:30 CET, we invite you to take part in our explorative walk in Vienna Leopoldstadt, exploring different examples of Covid-19 responses and discussing their potential to be implemented on a long term. The walk will start at Danube channel / Praterstraße and will end at the urban development area Nordbahnviertel.

The PlaceCity Symposium is hosted by Superwien Urbanism Vienna, and supported by Placemaking Europe, Eutropian and other PlaceCity partners.
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