DigLibArts Digital Methods Application | Spring 2018
The Whittier Digital Liberal Arts Initiative (DigLibArts), generously funded by the Mellon Foundation, seeks to assist members of the Whittier College community develop technology skills, explore digital methods for research and teaching including digital pedagogies, and to contribute to communities of open and connected higher education faculty.

To this end, DigLibArts offers awards to support your experiments with digital research and/or pedagogy methods. Awards generally range from $500 to $2,000, depending on the project.

Please note: Our Mellon Foundation grant stipulates that all work produced with grant funding must be shared under a Creative Commons license. In an effort to respect your intellectual property rights, this work will be added to our publicly accessible and open online repository with proper attribution.

Application Review Procedure: Applications received by April 16, 2018 will be reviewed by the DigLibArts Steering Committee. Awardees will be notified of acceptance by the end of the semester. Applications from faculty who have not yet received support from DigLibArts will be prioritized.

Please consult any member of the steering committee or DigLibArts Steering Committee if you would like assistance in preparing your application.

Applicant information
Please provide the following background information:
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Full, Associate, Assistant, Visitor, Post Doc, Adjunct, Librarian, Academic Staff, etc.
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Grant Information
Please provide basic information about the scope your grant.
What type of grant do you want to be considered for? *
Please note the expected deliverables listed below for each award. Note: The steering committee may offer alternate suggestions.
Which semester would you like to use your award? *
Description of grant activity:
In a 250 word narrative, briefly explain the activity you plan to undertake during the term of your grant. Please describe the course and students served (e.g. major, WSP, LibEd, etc.) , and identify technologies or methods you plan to investigate (e.g. flipped classroom, hybrid digital/physical instruction, mapping, virtual reality, open educational resources, etc.). *
For example: designing a new assignment, adding an interactive activity to a unit, etc. Please identify what you expect to learn.
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Please outline a requested budget for your proposal. *
In general, Teaching with Technology Awards are offered in the form of $500 stipends, but in some cases awards may be higher to offset costs including hardware, software, training, licensing, etc.
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How much time do you expect you will be investing in this project? *
Will it be a small scale task that will take a few hours a week? Or will this take significant research and planning time?
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Whittier.Domains is our campus hosting service for individual and project websites. Domains is currently being managed by Dr. Bill Kronholm in the Department of Mathematics. Examples of Domains use in classes includes digital projects, blogging assignments, digital archives and exhibits, etc.
Would you like to be considered for a Domain of One's Own Course using Whittier.Domains?
Creative Commons Licensing
DigLibArts recognizes the paramount importance of academic freedom and intellectual property. We also, however, recognize the importance of sharing the work we produce. We, therefore, strongly encourage recipients of funds to license their work through the Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org/), and we will help you do this.
Under the terms of the Mellon grant, we must produce Creative Commons licensed work. Do you agree to share your deliverables under a Creative Commons License?
If you agree, your work will be shared in the DigLibArts Teaching Repository, please identify which license below:
Final Questions or Comments
Do you have any final questions, concerns or comments for the steering committee?
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