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YOU ONLY EVER FILL OUT THIS FORM ONCE! - The very first time you apply to join ATCitupwithfriends. If you received an invite directly from Pabkins please still fill out the form. For all other new prospective artists that would like to join filling this out does not guarantee there is currently space available. The group is currently full but still fill it out if you want to participate as new folks are added when possible.

This is your chance to tell me about the types of art and things you like! I'll try to use this information when it comes time for me to swap out the ATCs, if I feel like surprising folks or when I give out extras in the swap returns.
Email address *
Instagram User ID *
Your Name *
OPTIONAL - Your mailing address (in case you forget to include the slip of paper with your return mailing address, if your address is obscured or if I can't read it.
What Country do you live in? Keep in mind if you're outside the US that you should be mailing your cards out sooner to ensure they arrive by the due date (always the last day of the month) *
Add you to the ATCitupwithfriends emailing list for the newsletter on upcoming trades? *
Your Favorite art styles? (example - pop art, sketchy, horror, surrealism, fantasy, cutesy, kawaii, anime, fantasy, science fiction, realism, art nouveau, art deco) This is so I can get to know you better. *
Additional Art elements you like? Or themes you like to collect. I just like to get to know each possible new member.
What DON'T you like? (This does not guarantee you won’t receive cards like this - there are too many participants for such guarantees. )
Your Favorite animals, creatures or illustrative themes?
Fantasy or Science Fiction?
Wanting to be part of this community means you are willing to put forth your best honest efforts on the artwork you create. We aren't just an art trade group but a supportive community focused on the challenge of improving our art skills while connecting with other artists. *
NO RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL or SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT is allowed on the monthly group swap cards. Cards MAY contain MILD nudity but no sexually obscene/grotesque or implied activities are permitted. Your best tactic is to avoid nudity as those have a chance of being sent back to you unswapped!! Check marking the box means you understand and you will comply. It also means you are 18 years of age or older. Please note that the cards you receive back might contain nudity. *
One of my main focuses for this group is to stretch your own creativity through original art and characters of your own. FAN ART IS NOT accepted in this group. That means do not draw things from existing movies/games/shows, etc, this also includes celebrities. ALSO! - Be sure you do not COPY, TRACE, or reference another's artwork. This includes screen captures, images. Real photography references are of course acceptable and understandable as it is natural to need references. This means don't look at another's work and just "redraw it in your style" This artwork must be your own. If you need help with references it is easy to find how to draw books or pose model websites, and any natural photography always works great! This is an ORIGINAL art group so we want you to stretch your own creativity. *
Is it ok to include a picture of your submitted cards into a group collage? (monthly announcement graphics, group photos or on blogposts) *
Suggestions for Future Swap Themes?
Anything else you want me to know? Or questions for me?
What Swap month/theme are you applying for? Remember filling out this form does not guarantee there is space available - you will be notified if you've been added to the roster and a welcome email with mailing address will be sent.
I always love to know - How did you find the ATC it Up with Friends group? *
ATCitupwithfriends has an ongoing project for a series of Art Books. To make things easier for Pabkins (me) if you'd like to become a member please agree to have your cards printed in our community artbook. As the swaps are free to take part in other then your return postage, the group is in sore need of the funds raised from these books to support the community and all it costs to keep it running. By filling out this signup form and mailing in your cards to this trade community you are agreeing to be included in these artbooks. The full ongoing information about our artbook series is in the URL link below in the first checkbox. However if you really don't want to be included you can send in but must include a large "DO NOT SCAN" sticky note in with your envelope. All art does not always get included in the books it depends on content and space available. *
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