#ATCitupwithfriends Artist Info
This is your chance to tell me all about the types of art and things you like! I'll try to use this information when it comes time for me to swap out the ATCs that are received during each Trade Event.
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Your Name
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OPTIONAL - Your mailing address (in case you forget to include the slip of paper with their return mailing address and your address is obscured or I can't read it)
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Add you to the ATCitupwithfriends emailing list for the newsletter on upcoming trades? (this is also used to send out a 1 time reminder for each Event's due date and a notification that return cards have been sent back)
Your Favorite art styles? (example - pop art, sketchy, horror, surrealism, fantasy, cutesy, kawaii, anime, fan art, fantasy, science fiction, realism, art nouveau, art deco)
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Additional Art elements you like?
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What DON'T you like?
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Your Favorite animals?
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Fantasy or Science Fiction?
Are cards with nudity ok?
Is it ok to include a picture of your submitted cards into a group collage? (that would be placed onto the blog post for that themed group)
Suggestions for Future Swap Themes?
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Anything else you want me to know?
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