Unattached Entry For 4/28/18 Meet
Please submit this form for each athlete who wishes to compete on 4/28/18.

This form is ONLY for unattached athletes, and any athlete entered through this form will be entered in the meet as unattached. If your athlete runs for a team, they must be entered with the team, please contact your coach.

When you complete the form, you will see a confirmation screen with information regarding the meet and the remainder of the season. Your entry is not complete until you see the confirmation screen. If you are having trouble, please email Gretchen at gretchen.nm.usatf@gmail.com.

If you are entering more than one athlete, there is a link to "submit another response" at the bottom of the confirmation page.

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Athlete's Last Name *
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Athlete's First Name *
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Athlete's Gender *
Athlete's Date of Birth *
Please be sure to list the year of birth, not the current year. This will be used to determine the athlete's competition age group.
Athlete's USATF Member Number *
This will be a 10 digit number. All athletes must have a 2018 USATF number in order to be entered. If your athlete does not have one, or it has not been renewed for 2018, please visit usatf.org.
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Events to be entered *
Athletes up to age 12 may enter up to 3 events. Athletes 13 and older may enter up to 4 events. Please take note of age limitations, which are listed with each event. Events are not listed in the order of competition. Seed times/distances need not be given. They are not used for the first meet, which is entirely random seeding. For future meets, seed times/distances will be imported from prior 2018 meets.
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