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Illiana-Florida and New Thing Classis Student Assistance Request

Dear Student, we know that your education costs are substantial, and we care about that. There are some things we want you to understand. First, while we want to help each person/family financially, we are taking each student on a case-by-case basis. That means that by filling out this form you are stating that you are in financial need. Furthermore, you have asked your sending church family for funds to help you and have applied for grants and scholarships as well. If you have received financial assistance in the past, unfortunately, that does not guarantee we can provide further financial assistance in the future. You have our commitment and our prayers. As always, you can always connect with your supervisor on our team about anything. May our Lord provide for all the needs you have and any family members as well!

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Each student is allowed one assistance request per academic year, and up to 5 requests.
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