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As a participant in The Bible Tour, I will uphold the following regulations and rules:
1. I understand that The Bible Tour Bible is property of The Bright Bible and not my personal property.
2. The Bible is to remain in my custody for NO MORE THAN 4 DAYS. (Day 1: receive, Day 2/3: Bible Journal, Day 4: ship out)
3. Mod-Podge (or similar products) is not to be used within the pages of The Bible Tour Bible. Any wet mediums (ie. paint, stamp ink, adhesive etc) should not bleed through the pages and should be completely dry before the bible is closed and shipped.
4. All entries must remain within the boarders of the page. (ie- no tabs, paper/binder clips, bows or overhanging pieces)
5. After I have completed a page entry, I will fill out the library card in the back pages on The Bible Tour Bible.
6. The shipping box is to be reused for each trip of the Bible. It should be opened and re-sealed with care. Post Office labels will cover the previous labels.
7. If I am ever unable to complete the duties, I will notify The Bright Bible prior to receiving The Bible Tour Bible.
8. No bookmarks, pocket pages, or tip-ins will be added.
9. Entries should be as flat as possible. Foam tape, pop-up dots should be avoided if possible.
10. All parts of an entry should be secured to the page with no loose parts/pieces.
I have read and understand the above regulations and rules and agree to abide by them. *
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