Music Resiliency: A Family Experience
The purpose of this form is to register for our upcoming music resiliency series to support first responder significant others and their children/families. Now is your chance to learn how to play an instrument (ukulele), learn some fun songs just for you and bond with your family through music...BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!

We will have breakfast snacks and coffee available during our meet and greet time prior to starting then we’ll be splitting up adult and kids groups to support your whole family unit.

Groups will be held Saturday mornings from 9:00-11:00am, starting Saturday, September 25th, for 8 weeks. We will be in touch shortly after you submit this form with more information!

* In order to participate in these groups virtually or in person, you must complete this registration form. You will be contacted via email weekly with information for the groups including details (location, etc.), reminders, resources, and our zoom link, for those of you joining us virtually. Please make sure you keep an eye out for emails both before and after group each week.

Please contact Ashley Iverson, or Rachel Gant, for more information.
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