PTA School of Excellence Parent Survey
J. Y. Joyner Elementary School
1. My school has friendly signs inside and outside to welcome families and visitors in the multiple languages we speak
2. My school and PTA translates communications into the school's major languages.
3. I feel encouraged to volunteer.
4. I feel my school’s policies and programs reflect, respect, and value the diversity of our school community.
5. I feel treated fairly regardless of age, gender, race, or cultural background.
6. My school communicates with me in multiple ways (e.g., email, phone, web site).
7. My school provides interpreters for all meetings and events, when needed.
8. My school provides continuous staff development for teachers regarding effective communication techniques and the importance of regular, two-way communication between the school and family.
9. I feel I have a two-way conversation with the school staff about my child’s strengths, areas for improvement, learning styles, progress, and other concerns about my child.
10. I feel the school provides information about my child’s progress, including progress report cards that help me understand how I can support my child’s learning.
11. My school involves me in planning for my child’s transitions to elementary school, middle school, high school or post-secondary education or careers.
12. My school provides a range of options and choices for a wide array of extracurricular activities that reflect my child’s interests, goals, and learning.
13. My school uses adequate technology to meet the needs of today’s students.
14. My school shares student achievement data with me in ways that solicit my ideas about how to improve achievement.
15. My school includes students in parent-teacher conferences as active participants in discussions of expectations and work quality.
16. I understand the academic standards my child is expected to meet and how the curriculum is linked to those standards.
17. My school informs me of the process and/or procedures to raise concerns and resolve problems.
18. My PTA fuels parent participation on school, district, state, and national committees that focus on education issues.
19. I feel my concerns are treated with respect and my school demonstrates a genuine interest in developing solutions.
20. I feel my school and/or PTA provides opportunities to develop relationships and raise concerns with school district leaders, public officials, and business and community leaders.
21. I feel PTA promotes opportunities to empower parents to advocate for the success of their own child and other children in our school.
22. I feel the school provides information and opportunities to be informed of my rights and responsibilities under federal and state laws.
23. My school includes parents with equal representation on decision making and advisory committees or councils.
24. My school establishes polices that recognize and respect families’ cultural, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic diversity.
25. I feel that I am a collaborative partner that share in the decision making for areas such as policy, curricula, budget, school reform, safety, and personnel.
26. I feel that I have input in the development of our school improvement plan.
27. My school and/or PTA distributes information on community resources that serve the cultural, recreational, academic, health, social and other needs of families within the community.
28. My PTA has partnerships with local businesses, community organizations, and service groups to advance student learning or assist the school or families.
29. My PTA involves community members in school volunteer programs.
30. My school collaborates with community services and adult learning opportunities.
31. I feel my school is a central part of my community.
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