We are looking for innovative, Open Schooling best practices around the world! OSOS, Open Schools for Open Societies
OSOS, Open Schools for Open Societies project, https://www.openschools.eu/

OSOS aims at opening schools to the community around. To achieve that, we are searching for the most innovative, open schooling best practices around the world, which will serve as OSOS Accelerators of innovation.

These OSOS best practices will act as accelerators of the introduction of OSOS approach in the participating schools. They will help innovative schools to progress more and develop their innovative ideas to new localized projects that could provide solutions for the schools and the communities that surrounds them for bridging the gap between formal and informal learning settings and creating new opportunities for personalization at different levels (student, teacher, school).

This form collects the candidate activities, projects and initiatives to become OSOS Accelerators. If you have any questions, please write to learninglab@deusto.es

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