Sample submission form- ChIP samples
The NGS Illumina HiScan SQ accepts sample only if sample data are uploaded through this form. This form is for library generation from chromatin immunoprecipitation samples.
After completeing the form you can check the assignd ID-s for your sample after 48 hours from submission here:

The shortlink of this form is this:
Please complete for each individual sample!!!
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Please give us your name and contact details :
Use this order: Full Name, phone number, Laboratory
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Please give us your email address:
email address, please use your work email address.
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Please give who is paying the bill:
Give the name and contact details of your Principal Investigator.
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Any other info you would like to mention:
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Please acknowledge that you are accepting the rules of sample processing. :
You have 16 hours to retract your order in a written form
We will generate the Sample ID-s based on the following informations. First please give us the Species. :
choose hs for HUMAN, mm for MOUSE or mark other.
If species was "other" please specify.
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Specify cell type:
e.g. Hela
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Specify treatment:
e.g. vehicle
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Specify other ID-s you would like to be included in the sample ID:
identifier in the sample names from now on. This can be used to mention e.g. BIOLOGICAL REPLICATES. If you will ask to consider your biological replicates please USE ONLY numbers like : 1, 2, 3, etc in this field.
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If you identify your samples in a different way, please write in the following box the ID that is on the tube you submit. We will not use this ID for generation of the later ID-s. This is only for the physical sample submission step. You are allowed to useany kind of characters in this box.
You are allowed to use any kind of characters in this box.
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Sample fragment size :
give the values in base pair (from bp to bp)
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Sample concentration as measured by Qubit(concentration volume: 0.1 -10 ng/uL) :
give the values in nanogram/microliters
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Specify antibody used for ChIP
e.g. IgG
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