Application for "Backpacking 2.0" Courses (2019 Spring)
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“...this minimalist hiking transformative. I’m approaching my kids, my wife, and my life differently.”
- Chris D. Marketing executive, photographer, 2018 course graduate.

All skill levels and backgrounds welcome (We group peers with compatible objectives and skill levels together)

Online learning + In-person workshop (webinar available)

Exclusive Pro-Deals • Trip Planning Templates and Resources • Master Educator

"Backpacking 2.0" is an online + in-person minimalist backpacking course designed to help you backpack smarter, lighter, and easier. The course includes a 3-hour in-person workshop, that takes place in our gear workshop Berkeley CA. If you are not able to make it, you can join via video and screen-share conference.

Mindshift Adventures and Retreats are complimentary guided experiences that take place in a world class wilderness in or near CA. These experiences are NOT included in our Backpacking 2.0 courses. Only Backpacking 2.0 course graduates are eligible for Mindshift Adventures and Retreats (for more information, ask your instructor)

We donate 100% of our profits to support education, inclusivity, and conservation of the wilderness.

We typically receive 75+ applications per course. Each course is capped at 8 students.
This application should take ~10-15 mins. We value thoughtful answers and base our selection on them. Google only allows complete applications to be submitted.

The curriculum spans 3 modules: DESTINATION • GEAR • FOOD
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