AI Future Lab's Global AI Ecosystem Map
As part of the AI Future Lab's project "Mapping Global AI Ecosystem," we have built a map to showcase all computer science, machine learning, and AI-related organizations. This map showcases 4 categories: Research Labs, National Institutes, Study Groups (Meetups and Bootcamp programs), and Universities that either offer a degree program or teach courses in computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science or robotics.


We know that there are a handful of AI-centric maps like Stanford's AI Index or the Global AI Talent map from J.F. Gagne (Founder of, however most of these maps focus on research and development institutions, academic research publications, or economic data in advanced economies. This project aims to map out ecosystems as well as educational and professional backgrounds that may not be typically included in the aforementioned reports. For example, Thailand has some impressive degree programs in machine learning and robotics. Also, more and more people are joining meetups / digital study groups to learn new skills to become machine learning engineers or data scientists.


The AI Future Lab is a research lab and community focusing on artificial intelligence that is built by youth for youth. Our mission is to represent the voices of youth worldwide in the development and deployment of responsible AI.


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