ILearning Skill Set - Self-Evaluation
Please use this form and rate your ability level (based upon the supplied scale) related to your level of expertise regarding the use of the IPAD as an instructional tool.

If you can do all but 3 or 4 items on a checklist, consider yourself proficient at that level – you should start the game at the next level.

More than 3 or 4 that you can’t do, start the game at that level.

This is anonymous.

Novice Skill Checklist
Create and Apple ID and ITunes Account
Put IPad to sleep and shut it down
Adjust volume using multitasking bar
Adjust brightness using multitasking bar
Change Passcode
Change Wallpaper
Change WIFI Settings/Choose and join a wireless network
Access email
Add an Application (app)
Delete an Application (app)
Open an Application
Close an Application
Create a Folder for Multiple Applications
Take a Picture
Write a Note
Capture a Video
Capture an image on the screen
Save an Image from a Website
Change the Orientation of the Screen from Portrait to Landscape
Cut, Copy and Paste
Add a Bookmark to Web Browser
Open Multiple Internet Windows
Put IPad into Airplane Mode
Use the Search on the IPad
Upgrade to iOS 7
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