Fields of Psychology
After doing the notes on Applied Psychology you will be using the internet to research one of the careers associated with psychology more thoroughly. Choose one of the careers below and answer the following questions.

Psychology Careers
• Animal Psychologist
• Art Therapist
• Behavioral Analyst
• Forensic/Criminal Psychologist
• Human Factors Engineer
• Human Resource Specialist
• Industrial-Organizational
• Music Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Probation Officers
• School Councilor
• School Psychologist
• Social Worker
• Speech Pathologist
• Sport Psychologist
• Substance Abuse Counselor
• Therapeutic Recreation
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1. What does a person in this career do? What are their daily responsibilities? What are they trying to accomplish? Where would they work? *
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2. What type of training does someone have to have in order to be in this career? Any advanced training needed? *
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3. Which of the Psychological Schools of thought does this field of psychology use? How are those schools of thought applied to this field? *
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