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The Calm Clarity Volunteer Catalyst Pilot Program is a brand new grassroots initiative to train volunteers to "catalyze Brain 3.0" and thereby enhance well-being and mental health within their schools, colleges, and non-profit organizations, and in the larger community. (Brain 3.0 refers to the neural networks that enable executive functioning, learning, growth, grit, and resilience.)

The goal of this pilot is to train college students, educators, and non-profit staff to more effectively support students and other groups facing adversity and financial hardship by sharing science-based tools to manage stress and negativity, and to learn, grow, and thrive.

Participants in this pilot will learn how to use a "Calm Clarity Catalyst Toolkit" to facilitate discussion, reflection, and mindfulness exercises in small group settings and also collaborate to refine, improve, and grow the program to train more Catalysts in the future.

The intention is to support Catalysts to build positive and healthy forums in their organizations where people can share and receive support on issues that trigger stress, worry, and anxiety, as well as build up brain structures that enable them to take ownership of their narrative and thrive in their journey. As part of this journey, Catalysts will gain deeper self-understanding and insights on how to serve effectively as an agent for social change and community healing.

To clarify, this is not a train-the-trainer program to certify people to facilitate an in-depth Calm Clarity workshop. Anyone who wants to go deeper is encouraged to attend a Calm Clarity program facilitated by Due Quach.

Participation is free. If you'd like to help us cover the costs of the Volunteer Catalyst program, you are welcome to make a donation (we take online donations at: or support fundraising efforts, now or in the future. This is entirely optional. We are a very small non-profit organization with limited resources and we are very grateful for all the different ways our community shares their talent, time, and treasures to help us foster a collective shift into Brain 3.0.

To learn more about Calm Clarity & Brain 3.0, you can visit Please email questions to

Note: The timeline for the Volunteer Catalyst training & pilot is now being shifted because of the drastic social distancing measures being implemented to contain the COVID-19 virus. We will update everyone who signs up with the new timeline when conditions to move forward are in place.
Session at Liguori Academy
We are now recruiting our first cohort of 15-25 volunteers in the Greater Philadelphia area to experience the training and provide feedback to improve the pilot experience. The plan is for this first cohort of Catalysts to brainstorm and support one another to create spaces to share easy-to-use Calm Clarity tools on a regular basis (such as offering weekly or bi-weekly sessions) to benefit people in their organization and the greater community during a 3-4 month period and attend monthly check-ins to share observations, insights, lessons learned, success stories, and suggestions.

To become a Catalyst you must:
1. be age 18 and over.
2. work or volunteer at a school, college, or non-profit organization, or be an officer of a student organization at a college.
3. be able to attend a mandatory 3-hour training in Philadelphia.
4. commit to proactively participate and provide feedback, suggestions, and help to improve and refine this grassroots initiative.
Please note: priority will be given to people who have undergone Calm Clarity training and/or have read the Calm Clarity book.

The commitments are as follows:
1. Attend a mandatory in-person 3-hour training in Philadelphia together as a cohort.
2. Volunteer to offer free weekly or bi-weekly sessions for people in (or served by) your organization for 3-4 months (Each volunteer can design their sessions in a manner that they feel is most helpful and suitable for the groups they want to serve. Volunteers will be given suggested outlines and formats to start with.)
3. Attend monthly cohort check-ins online (most likely using Zoom) to share their experiences and observations, ask questions, and support one another.
4. Submit a final report about the experience of being a Community Catalyst: what changes you observe in yourself and the people who attend your sessions, insights, lessons learned, success stories, and suggestions to improve the Catalyst Program for future cohorts.
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