Monument Class Action - Information
This form does not create an attorney-client relationship. This form is intended to provide evidence related to a recent class action filed by civil rights law firm Thomas H. Roberts & Associates PC. If the court certifies the class then if you were present you will become a plaintiff in the action. To receive a portion of any class action proceeds you will need to be able to prove that you were present. We are gathering claimant information in anticipation of that process. Information provided herein may be disclosed to the parties to the lawsuit in discovery subject to any protective orders in place. Retaliation for exercising your 1st Amendment rights is Unconstitutional! If you have questions, you may contact the law firm at 804-783-2000
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Were you present on June 1, 2020 at the Lee Circle Monument when the Richmond Police openly trained firearms on the gathered assembly at approximately 7:32 p.m. followed by tear gas?
Did you have any contact with the tear gas?
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Did you have contact with pepper spray?
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Did the police touch you in any other manner?
Did you receive any medical treatment for injuries sustained by police on June 1, 2020 between 7:30 pm and 8:00 p.m.?
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What Proof Do you have of your presence? (Describe generally (photos, video, cellphone phone record) and provide link (youtube, dropbox, photos, etc.)
What proof of your presence on June 1, 2020 between 7:30 pm and 8:00 p.m. do you have in your possession or available to you?
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