October 26th ACLS (Initial/Expired) Nemours Registration 8am-5pm
Event Timing: October 26th ACLS (Initial/Expired) 8am-5pm
Event Address: Nemours Childrens Hospital
Contact us at (866) 414-2527 or info@intensivemedical.com
ACLS (Initial/Expired) October 26th 8am-5pm
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I understand that if I am not a Nemours employee but a member of the outside medical community I will need to provide my driver’s license at the Security Desk upon arrival. If not cleared by Security, an individual may be denied access to the building. You will need to stay in the classroom areas and will not be allowed access to any patient care area. *
I understand that I must bring a CURRENT book to class or may not be able to participant in course. *
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