Kúkátónón Troupe Member Registration 2018/2019 Performance Season Open Enrollment
Thank you for filling out this Troupe member registration form, and be sure to fill out one per child. This form is mandatory for children to participate in Kúkátónón.

PLEASE HAVE THIS FORM COMPLETED BY SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 2018 OR SOONER and your $50 registration fee paid by Thursday, November 1, 2018. Although you can fill out this registration form online, registration fees must be delivered in person to our Business Operations Manager, Danielle Ali-Cassim. If you would like to request a registration fee waiver, contact us for more information.

We accept cash or checks for registration fees (please make checks payable to: Kúkátónón). If you have questions, please contact Ms. Curtrina at busops@kukatonon.org or (503) 756-5312. Thank you!

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