Pataka Kai Registration Form
Please only complete this form if you have read our full guidelines and F.A.Q's on our website and are happy to proceed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are wanting to register a pantry in a street or area where we already have a high number of pantries in place we will unfortunately not be able to open another under our movement. We assess every registration and if it meets the criteria and is not situated close to or in high pantry populated areas then we will be able to accept the registration.

We are not a food supplier. The movement relies on the whole community to crowd source food to your pantry. This will happen naturally when the community hears your pantry is opening.

* If you are wanting to get a pantry open and be registered as a kaitiaki under our movement then please fill out this registration form.

If you already have a pantry open and want to be affiliated with our movement then please fill out this registration form.
Email address *
Full name of the person managing the pantry: *
Contact No: *
The FULL Address of where the pantry will be located. Please add the address of the kaitiaki if they live in a different location too. *
Comments: Please include the proposed opening date for your pantry if you have one. Also please let us know if you need support letters or business cards to help your source donations for materials to construct a pantry. *
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