[AMIDD 2021] Vote for Your Favorite Topic of the End-term Project
Dear participants of the AMIDD 2021 course,

I hope you are doing well and staying safe! The semester is drawing to its end. It is high time to choose your favorite topic to work on for the end-term project, which counts for 30% of the grade.

Why would I ask you to write an essay about a mathematical or computational concept? Writing is an essential step of learning, because explaining a topic in one's own language helps us to internalize and master what we learn. It is an important way of communication, not only in drug discovery but also in most industrial and academic settings. Writing concisely, clearly, and in plain language helps other understand what you do, which is key for interdisciplinary research.

Your task is now to choose a concept from the list below. What I expect from you is a short essay introducing the concept for non-experts, with examples and ideally application in drug discovery. You can for sure use mathematical language. In case examples and explanations help to convey the message, please use them as well.

If you work in the team of two, you need to fill this form only once together.

If you wish, I am glad to share with you my written feedback.

Please submit your preference by December the 3rd, Thursday. The deadline for submitting the essay is January the 14th, Friday, 2022. No extension is possible. Once the essays are submitted, they will be shared with the whole class for open review and joint learning.

In case you have questions, please leave them below in the comments. I will address them accordingly.

Best regards,
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