Ninja Academy Staff Application
We’re looking for people who would love to write for the Ninja Blog ( Posts can be about anything Viki related, including the latest Ninja Academy news, segmenting/subtitling tips, recipes and entertainment-related topics.

The only requirement for English writers is to have a decent grasp of English so that the job is a little easier for the editors. Can’t think of any topics for the posts? No problem! We’ll have a list of topics available for you.

Writers for all languages are welcome to apply. However, for languages other than English, we ask that you please have a good writing and editing ability.

Are you interested in creating graphics for Ninja Academy? We frequently need posters, announcements, or similar images designed for updates and events. These are sent to Ninja Academy staff, fans, and the Viki community.

Would you like to share your segmenting or subtitling knowledge? We are looking for sociable and knowledgeable graduates with some contribution experience to help moderate our chatroom and answer student questions. Official "help" chats will take place on given days and times (to be determined).

Do you like thinking of creative ways to reach communities? We are looking for a Publicity Moderator to help organize and run chats and activities for events hosted by Ninja Academy (e.g., anniversary events).

We are looking for video tutorial creators for segmenting and subtitling how-to videos. Video tutorial creators must be experienced in segmenting or subtitling. Each tutorial will be one to five minutes long and based on the Ninja segmenting and subtitling guides. Tutorial creators must have screen recording and video editing software and be able to create a voice-over to demonstrate how to properly segment and/or subtitle. Previous examples of tutorials can be found here:

DIPLOMA SENDER [currently closed]:
Every month, graduates receive a “diploma” personalized with their usernames. We are looking for someone to update the diploma template with usernames, upload to Photobucket, and send to the new graduates. The diploma sender must be able to edit psd (Photoshop) files. View example here:

Must be familiar with Twitter to regularly post updates and announcements to the Ninja twitter account. Preferably has ability to create images to accompany posts.

If you have other talents that you think might be useful, please fill out the "Other" option. We would love to hear your ideas. You might want to come back periodically to see if we have added new jobs.

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