Teachers & conductors are invited to recommend choristers to audition for the 2018 Alberta Youth Choir!
AYC is the province’s honour choir for singers ages 16-22, and provides a unique opportunity for excellent young choristers from across Alberta to join forces in the pursuit of choral music excellence.

Acceptance into AYC is by a two stage audition process:

1. Conductors/teachers are invited to recommend up to 8 choristers per choir for an AYC audition. To recommend choristers, conductors/teachers give a copy of the Invitation to Audition Letter and Intention to Audition Form to each recommended chorister. Choristers recommended for an audition are asked to complete the form and return it to their conductor/teacher. The conductor/teacher will then submit the Recommendation Form, attaching the Intention to Audition Form for each recommended chorister. The deadline to recommend choristers is April 30.

Once the Recommendation Form has been received, an Audition Packet will be sent by email to each recommended chorister. The Audition Packet contains detailed audition instructions; conductors/teachers may help their choristers in preparing for their audition.

The audition is made up of 4 parts: two basic vocal exercises, a prepared piece (which can be the chorister’s part in one of the pieces your choir is currently singing), a new piece (it is short, and we provide PDF scores), and a brief questionnaire.

Choristers submit their audition materials online. All materials are uploaded – nothing is mailed in. The deadline to upload audition materials is May 30.

The official roster for AYC 2018 will be announced in June.

The guest conductor for AYC 2018 is Cristian Grases, Associate Professor of Choral Music at USC Thornton..

The fee is $295, payable after official acceptance into the choir. Bursaries are available.

Schedule Overview
29-30 Sept 2018 | Rehearsal Weekend (Red Deer)
25-27 Oct 2018 | Residency (Edmonton)
27-28 Oct 2018 | Additional concerts (TBA)
Please complete the following for up to 8 choristers:
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Thank you for recommending choristers to AYC 2018!
An email will be sent to you with audition information. If you have any questions, please contact Choir Alberta at or 780-488-7464/1-855-723-6397.
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