2019 Heather Van Sickle Entrepreneurial College of the Year Nomination Form
The entrepreneurial college signifies schools that demonstrate a strong commitment to entrepreneurship both inside and outside the classroom, and has faculty, students, alumni, community members, and business and industry actively involved and successful in entrepreneurial endeavors. Specifically, this recognition is rooted in the NACCE Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge (PFEP) that underscores the belief that community and technical colleges are ideally positioned to take the lead in furthering entrepreneurship and supporting local economic development.

Nomination Criteria: All nominations must comply with the following criteria:

-Nominations are for NACCE Member colleges whose presidents have or are planning on signing NACCE’s Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge (PFEP): https://www.nacce.com/presidents-who-have-signed-on
-Nominations must include how the college demonstrates a strong commitment to entrepreneurship through one or more of the PFEP action steps: https://www.nacce.com/action-steps-checklist
-College representative must attend the conference.

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